Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Mini Albums

For the past couple of weeks I've been working on making some Christmas gifts and I wanted to share these cute little mini albums I came up with. 

The books measure 3 3/4" by 3 1/4" and are made with 5 envelopes folded in half.  The envelopes were 6 1/2" long by 3 5/8" wide. After folding the envies, I cut off just a sliver of the outer edges (to make pockets) and  inked the edges and folded centers with antique linen distress ink (just on one side of the envelopes. the other sides are glued back to back or to the covers.

I made an accordion style binding with a piece of designer paper. 2" wide  by 3 3/4" long.  I then scored it every 1/4" and folded it using my bone folder for nice crisp edges.  I then glued each of the envelopes to the binding (one envelope per valley) and glued the inner pages back to back.

After gluing all the envelopes together I created the covers with chip board and designer papers.  I then attached the ribbon to the inside of the back cover with double sided tape and attached the back page of the envelopes with double sided tape. I wrapped the ribbon around the left side, over the binding and front page, and attached the front cover with double sided tape.

For the inside of the book I covered each page with a different designer paper leaving about 1/8" boarder showing all around the edges.  These pieces measured 3 3/8" by 2 7/8".  When all the papers were glued on, I used a 1" circle punch to punch the half circles on all of the pages. The half circles will make it easier to get the tags out.  The album will hold 10 tags.

I think I will leave the  little books without embellishments and let the recipients embellish them and add the tags.  That way they can add whatever they like and make them into photo albums, add inspirational quotes or even holiday recipes.


Teri C said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Looks like such fun.

Clare said...

Love these.