Monday, December 12, 2011

2012 Postcard Challenge

Hey Arty Bloggers, while I was in my studio this morning, working on some ATCs, I caught Dede (inkwell) doing a live Ustream broadcast.  Awesome, she is so inspiring and lots of fun!  CHECK HER OUT HERE!.  Dede was talking about a postcard challenge Darcy from Art and Sole will be hosting in 2012. Sounded like a lot of fun so I had to look into it!!!  What and intersting challenge!!!  The concept is based on a group of BOOKS by NICK BANTOCK .  The idea is to create two ficticious people who will correspond by postcards from across the globe.  You will create 52 postcards and a book to put them in.  This interests me for a number of reasons.  First, I will be creating a book, which I love to do. Second, I will be creating 52 postcards, fun, fun, fun and third, I will be writing tid bits of a story (of sorts), which I used to do but haven't done in many years. I will also learn more about this world we live in by getting to know a bit more about all the countries the characters will be traveling too.  The coolest part will be blog hoping to see and read all of the participants postcards/stories.  This is just a great idea!!!  Check out Darcy's BLOG and hopefully you'll join in too, I would love to see you along the way in our world travels!!!  Off to get started on one of Dede's FILE FOLDER POSTCARD ORGANIZERS

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